Exotic Mountain Estate for  Sale

Alpine Wilderness Retreat

seeks companion/lover

for intimate relationship

Just ten miles from Salt Lake City

(fifteen miles from Park City),

this remote mountain sanctuary

includes two year-round homes

with unparalleled privacy and solitude,

on 138 acres (56 hectares) in the heart of Utah’s

legendary Wasatch Mountains.

The highly diverse and corrugated topography

hosts perennial streams, vibrant old-growth forests

(fir, aspen, maple, juniper, mahogany, oak),

open meadows, springs, stunning ridgelines,

dense groves of shoulder-height bracken ferns,

sculptural redrock formations,

caves and carved slickrock waterways

that invoke the essence of southern Utah canyonlands –

with miles of private trails that connect it all together.

Totally surprising and unbelievable.

Backcountry skiing from the deck.

Minutes from the big city, symphony,

ballet, international airport,

and seven major ski resorts.


contact - terrazoic@gmail.com